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in the arab spring revolution seven years ago. sudan as a flashpoint over inflation now at nearly seventy percent that's one of the world's highest state of emergency is being enforced in the city of after the headquarters of the whole party sit on fire the curfews in force and schools are closed. a few hundred kilometers south down the river nile protests are placed by queues and consume a lot of office or ban myself the living conditions in sudan is deteriorating we have queues everywhere for fuel and at a.t.m.'s you can't even pull your money out of the bank you can't get your salary everything has become so expensive and we don't know what is happening it feels like there's a ticking bomb and we don't know when it'll explode sudanese feel the inflation through the price of brit the cost of a loaf has tripled in some areas and they are brit and fuel shortages nationwide in the capital khartoum some queue for hours outside bakeries government leaders
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announced their twenty nine hundred budget this week including one point four billion dollars of subsidies for fuel and braid but shopkeeper who sign osmonds says people need help now but what they're gonna. the economic situation used to be good in the purchasing power people had was reasonable the conditions are bad now the goods are expensive and so people are unable to buy them. the sudanese economy has struggled since the succession of south sudan in twenty eleven sudan most three cool whose of its oil output accounting for ninety percent of export revenues was a crucial susa foreign currency the crisis is deeper into this year after a subsidy cuts in the devaluation of the sudanese pound now it's an anxious wife to see the true cost of this crisis. denmark has passed a controversial law that will see foreign criminals move to a remote island and on my island used to be home to contagious animals the
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government plans to set up a departure center for one hundred twenty five people and twenty twenty one last week thousands of human rights demonstrators marched in copenhagen calling on the government to back down from that plan the senate has passed a funding bill to keep the government running for now the temporary legislation was approved to avoid a complete federal shutdown after a deadlock over donald trump's border wall and now need support from the house an approval from the president trumpeter previously refused to sign a spending bill that does not include five billion dollars for a wall on the us mexico border a wall he had claimed mexico would pay for. roman catholic church in the u.s. state of illinois has been accused of not properly investigating alleged child sexual abuse by its clergy chicago's archbishop cardinal glaze soup it has apologized a report said the church withheld the names of at least five hundred priests and other clergy accused of abusing minors the church was accused of similar cover ups
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in pennsylvania earlier this year our employment and alcoholism are common problems from an integer stand so as violence against women the poorest country of all of the former soviet states relies on the mitten says farm workers abroad mostly in russia. for reports from the capital things are good between his wife now but for thirteen years he beat up a demotion lee abused. the forty seven year old father of four says he became an alcoholic because he got depressed after not being able to find work with him but no movement i drank because i thought i had no purpose in life i would come home and start fighting with the family now i know i can live without drinking you are common you talk with the kids it's brought us all very close and the couple's new found happiness is thanks to a pilot project by international alert the organization hopes to expand its
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a program to focus on educating women about their rights as well as offering them job opportunities to ease the financial pressure on families. he was drinking a lot and beating me a lot and not respecting the children there was no calmness in the family the situation is great now there's no more violence you finally found his path the organization international says that sixty percent of the women that interviewed in a survey said that they had suffered some form of physical sexual or emotional violence from their husbands in the last twelve years now experts say some of the reasons include poverty unemployment and alcoholism in a society that is often described as being deeply patriarchal around a million of a half tajik men work in russia because they simply cannot find a job here many abandon their wives and never return this woman who doesn't want to be recognised says her husband went to find work in russia seven years ago. she
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hasn't seen or heard from him in the last five thousand or one how much. our family situation is very bad life is difficult because we need a lot of things we can't have i can buy anything for my children so they have to work when a job is available have them if they are not we have no choice but to stay at home . few other countries rely on remittances more than to stand around thirty percent of g.d.p. comes from tajiks working abroad and because many men can't find jobs at home alcoholism among the unemployed is high meaning women are often more vulnerable to violence especially experts say in a society where it's commonly believed they all subservient to men usually men said that women are empowered enough and we don't want them to be more empowered and we said that we are not here just i mean to talk to women to work with women we are here in order to i mean like with the family and to help the facility i mean.
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that you have the south psyllium of works as a handyman in his village. does similar work when she can find it her husband says he now talks to friends and other type of man about dealing with the financial burdens they and their families face and how ashamed he is about the years of pain he caused strafford al-jazeera tajikistan. three astronauts are safely back on earth after more than six months aboard the international space station the russian american and german crude landed in northern kazakhstan all reported to be feeling fine their mission was marred by a mysterious airlie in orbit and the aborted blast off of a soyuz rocket bringing a replacement crew delayed their homecoming. and.
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recap the headlines for you now on al-jazeera as president is withdrawing all american troops from syria saying eisel has been defeated is decision surprised his foreign allies and some members of his own republican party russia's president vladimir putin has welcomed his u.s. counterparts decision to withdraw american troops from syria speaking at his annual press conference the russian leader says the u.s. military presence in syria is illegitimate and he added that his forces have not seen any sign of a withdrawal yet. you is for defeat an awesome i generally agree with the president of the united states with the chief some major advances when it comes to defeating the terrorists and we have struck by just blows against terrorists in syria there is a danger that those terrorist groups may now infiltrate the neighboring regions for example if going to stand and other countries for example with the countries of origin there is a great risk for all of us including russia in the us asian and see drew asian
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countries the decision by trying to pour troops out of syria is likely to figure in talks between iranian and turkish leaders in ankara on thursday running president rouhani arrived on wednesday night for talks with budget tight budget on they'll be discussing economic ties between the two countries and we'll be having a press conference we'll bring that to you shortly. forty pro-democracy n.-g. o. workers have been acquitted by an egyptian court they were jailed in two thousand and thirteen accused of spreading dissent and the rest before during and after the two thousand and eleven uprising which ousted them president hosni mubarak. all twenty one presidential candidates in the democratic republic of congo have been summoned to parliament urban reports that sunday's election could be delayed because of technical difficulties the main opposition candidate in sunday's presidential election and democratic republic of congo has told al-jazeera that the vote must go ahead. one person has been killed as protests are spreading in sudan
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about the soaring prices of food and fuel. a state of emergency is being enforced in the city of daraa following the riots and the northern river nile state protests have spread to other places as well protesters are infuriated by one of the world's highest inflation rates at seventy percent those are the headlines keep it here much more to come inside story is next. is the cold war really over lattimer putin warns new missiles can be built after donald trump announced he was pulling out of a nuclear weapons treaty is another arms race about to start this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey it's twenty seven years since the end of the cold war but the hate is on again between the united states and russia over missiles and nuclear weapons accusing the russians of violating a thirty one year old arms treaty and says the u.s. is pulling out. and says if he does the kremlin will bill new missiles let's hear what he's been saying. in the current context the i.n.f. treaty acts as a stabilizing factor and works to maintain a certain level of predictability and restraint in the military sector in case the treaty is broken by the united states we will have to take additional measures to
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enhance our security. most ducks are used if we have such air based and sea based missile systems it wouldn't be hard to do research and to deploy them on the ground if needed so they u.s. secretary of state announced trumps treaty decision earlier this month bless the rushes into the sax is long georgia ukraine. syria. election meddling skirball and now the purchase straight to name just a few in the light of these facts the united states today declares it has been russia in material breach of the treaty and will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in sixty days unless russia returns to fall and verifiable compliance so what is the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty it was signed in washington thirty one years ago by u.s. president ronald reagan and gorbachev the last leader before the fall of the soviet union the cold war enemies agreed to eliminate all their stocks of short and medium
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range missiles including nuclear weapons seaside launch missiles were the only exceptions the aim was to reduce the threat of war especially in europe yeah the treaty is considered a milestone in ending the arms race between the cold war superpowers. so over to the panel joining us in moscow is pablo felgenhauer defense and military analyst in london through skype james nixey head of the russia and eurasia program at chatham house and finally lawrence korb a in d.c. that is a former assistant secretary of defense welcome to all of you a pre-stated very much lawrence i want to start with you how concerning is this development this language at a time that that nato is expanding at a time that russia is doing things like annex in crimea how concerned are you. on very concerned not just because the president has announced that they're going to
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get out of the eye and after eighty but he has not accept the president putin's office offer to extend new start which expires in two thousand and twenty one it can be extended five years without ratification by the senate or the russian duma if that i n f goes away and the start agreement goes away where back to a new arms race it will be the first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy two we haven't had any strategic trades with the soviet union or russia actually i'm glad you brought up start i was going to bring it up later but let's just jump right into that james are you concerned that if the i.m.f. goes away that start might be next well of course there's a tendency here to abrogate from agreements or violate and you want to suspend them and if you without any arms to trial agreements what's live in the world is inherently a more unstable place at least during the original cold war if you like then there
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was a system of understanding which was a de facto absolute isn't i lost respect. that is actually not the case anymore we are seeing we see a more aggressive russia and a more unpredictable united states so actually we are in a more dangerous situation any time since nine hundred sixty three problem how concerned are you. well arms control as we now know knew it before seems to be just going out the window that most likely i mean. this is most likely was inevitable because these treaties beginning with the i.m.f. and eighty seven they formalize the end of the cold war and it's now it's back again that means these treaties are rather ready irrelevant and most likely they would go in one way or another but the way they're good break now being abrogate that really leaves the field open for
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a free for all arms race which it most likely is going to be stabilize the situation internationally destabilize the existing and new queer ballance between the two nuclear superpowers and will make the world a much more dangerous place probably say and that is that he's trading at the i.m.f. and i was saying it perhaps you mean start as well you say they're relevant now why well they reflected waqt was achieved in the end of the eighty's beginning of the ninety's the end of the cold war the mess of the soviet union more so pat the end of the standoff between east and west and now i have a new standoff between east and west that means the street is there relevant somehow and some kind of new balance should be found most likely would be sure that is found but there's going to be a period it seems on limited on his race on both sides and then maybe the two
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sides will decide that it's cheaper to settle down and put down some rules but there are people in the washington clearly and apparently in moscow some too which believe that arms control as we knew it is not really a good thing and it's maybe would be better without it. ok lawrence let me ask you this is there ever a time that arms control is not a good thing no absolutely not and i think if anything we can work out the russian violations of the i.m.f. treaty and also deal with what their complaints are complaining that the. the missile defense systems we're putting in and poland and romania can be used far off fence of. purposes we ought to let them inspect in return for us inspecting this r.m.
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seven to nine which is the russian. agreement and what we ought to do is not only extend new start we ought to bring china into the negotiations now because they have developed into immediate range. missiles and they are becoming an increasing factor in the international system so that's what we ought to do not get rid of it expand it and this idea that you can have arms control of the other side for example the russians in crimea you know we can't do it no that's absolutely wrong during the cold war we had started in one thousand nine hundred seventy two with the first reduction treaty right after that the russians went into afghanistan we didn't say well we're going to get rid of them no it's a separate issue and i think because of the the destruction that can be caused by those things you have to deal with that even when you have disagreements in other areas are actually going to circle back to china and glad you brought that up the
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first time so when i put this question to you and these accusations that russia has been violating this treaty actually goes back to the obama administration and it seems as if they didn't didn't deal with it russia you know clearly says they're not is it really get for debate whether or not russia is violating the treaty. no it's not really up to debate not just be proven evidence be submitted said. you know about reconcile but i think that said of course the obama administration did call the russians out on this weiss in particular and that's what they did there was no action though i agree with the previous speaker that it's important to expand the iraqi troops with the rise of china but the fact of matter it is with is it we by disowning all together and you have nothing whatsoever so really a penalty for aggregation apparency for noncompliance could be something along the lines of increased sanctions which couldn't be kind of all together that would make
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a lot more sense that people were safer but i again i think if you want to come to china if i may very briefly then i think the fact that china can produce is allowed to produce intermediate range nuclear missiles and rupture in the us are theoretically not is one of the reasons why this treaty is being drawn from the letter at let's go ahead and talk about china then what about that what should this treaty this type of treaty also now because you said that before that it's not really as relevant times have changed absolutely so should a treaty like this and clothed china and if so what motivation what china have to actually a great to be part of a trainee like this. well about ten years ago and all seven oh wait there was a russian american attempt to expand the treaty with china china said it's not interest that just today in the begin to you published by sergei riyadh who's the deputy foreign minister in charge of arms contro he said that there are no talks
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with china about including it in the treaty and that this is a dead issue and the russia is not interested right now i mean there's they're not doing anything about it they're not talking to the chinese and the russian and he also said that russia has rejected american. requests to inspect this and not on them a seven to nine misao so doesn't seem that seems that both sides are sort of digging their heels in there's doesn't seem much room for any meaningful compromise right now well that's what is it that the u.s. wants well i think what the u.s. wants basically there's a difference between the u.s. if i can say that and the trump administrator and because of the presence of john bolton the national security adviser he doesn't believe in arms control he was the one who pushed president bush to get out of the a.b.m. treaty and he developed what we call the sort agreement which was like two pages was until obama came in that you got
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a meaningful strategic arms treaty i think what we want basically is to continue the period of arms control and while i colleague in russia says that you know they're not interested no pope is the one who wants to extend new start and what's also involved here and if you don't and you get into the saudis race could be very expensive and given the russian economy is going to be tougher on them than say the unite united states same's what is an arms race at it at its core and it really about. well what it's really about is i suppose what we need to cool in the whole who are mutually assured destruction that you build up enough forces so that each side is massively disincentive fired from firing to visit with me mutual destruction and i get i can't help but agree with the previous speaker that actually i was actually well nigh impossible for russia in particular which has an economy you know only
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a fearful eleventh depending on review if we are lost in the world and that is and then we disappear not a stable for russia to enter into an arms race not russian nationalists will tell you that the money will always be found at some mobilisation economy and that will drive it but the reality is these are russian going to stay for another sort of ten or so years the russian military has professional life has improved but when you clear forces are we need to modernize nation the our state and that's going to be very difficult to do come the middle of the next. lot of opinions obviously not like hell gorbachev obviously. previous secretaries of state had said that that the collapse of the soviet union is part of that represents psyche it's the prism through which he he views the world do you agree with that why do you think that's at play and some of the decisions in the things that he says now. oh well yes i mean fortune has many times said that we will not go out ourselves to be
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pulled into a new arms race we will go down the same drain that the soviet union did but on the other side of it there are very important influential entrenched interests in russia in moscow the military the military industrial complex diplomats of the old school of the new one actually two who believe that a kind of alms race of sorts and a standoff with the united states would be maybe good for them and that means i d. towns would mean that defense spending would be cut but right now there's no they thought that means that defense spending is going to stay on the same level and the military technically right now abrogating the i.m.f. is more and russians favor because the united states doesn't have any missiles it could be poor but could not deporting because there's a treaty there while russia does have and it's much cheaper and tends twenty times
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cheaper to do poorly the same cruise missiles on a truck than on a frigate or a curve because a truck has twenty times cheaper to procure and to maintain so that makes sense to the russian military to kind of move out of the i.m.f. and at the same time brain that americans for being the guys who abrogated it so lawrence i want to put a similar question here to see it to see if you agree what what do you think is at play having watched one weapon for all these years what's at play for hand to speak this way and how does it benefit have how does it benefit russia. well i think basically president putin is trying to restore russia to what he sees as his historical destiny and that the end of the cold war was just a temporary aberration and you know for example ukraine had been part of the
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russia at one time and so he feels that it was perfectly the jit event to annex crimea crimea so i think that's what he wants to do and he's temporarily getting away with that as my colleague in russia has pointed out but at some point it's going to be very difficult for him to maintain this given the way his economy is going and that dependence upon the oil market you saw what happened when he raised the retirement age in russia there were you know people were very very very upset so he can get away with it for a while but i think the fact that he has offered to extend new star tells me he recognizes that you don't want to have a full on his race again he would rather put his money into convention conventional forces and you know their trumpet ministration hasn't helped anything because in
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their new nuclear posture review they want to develop two new types of nuclear weapons that would again create more problems than it would solve and the. colleague from russia is correct we have plenty of cruise missiles that we can use from ships and planes so really don't need them in europe and that's why it makes sense to sit down and talk to the russians about this if people forget during the a.b.m. treaty there was concern that the russians had a second site but we were able to deal with that and paradoxically gorbachev admitted that they had violated it but really was not something that you want to start a whole. new orleans race over james do you see any type of opening for for there actually be a negotiation where the u.s. has set out this deadline that you know it's sixty days and if things don't get better in sixty days they they say that they're going to get six months notice and
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walk before you get to all that sixty days can be a lot of time do you actually see anything changing in that time not especially it doesn't seem to be in the mood so you know where the trend is going. culture of the nile is very strong in russia the culture the culture it's very. this is out here we're taking you live now to ankara in turkey where turkish president richard type is speaking after talks with the iranian press the president has sent me we're going to listen in now he thinks. the meetings between delegates. have been completed. as part of this high level strategic cooperation meeting i'm
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extremely happy. to have. participated in this meeting i visited iran a short time ago. and we had completed the course such meeting in iran post the iranian. brothers. and the last time we got together was the blue tripartite. meeting on syria. and. for this is. this it carries with it a special meaning the. momentum with we have. captured will lead us to so lucian's matters. today with my brother
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mr rouhani we discussed the actual and regional matters. by later old trade well you. used to be eleven billion dollars in two thousand and seventeen by october two thousand and eighteen unfortunately this has. eight billion dollars. we have identified targets. concerning our trade. which was thirty billion dollars it is clear that we have to work harder and increase our corporation. establishing suitable a suitable environment for our businessmen and on top renault's for them to
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benefit. and utilise. is important and indeed we are going to take part in their business forum later today so the participation of. respective businesspeople. it was a good corporation had a technical level as well between our countries and recently. we've had contact between nation and security come with is which only makes us happy. yes. we want to continue corporation in iran. and eliminate targets showing targets. u.s. concern but it is something that we have an agreement on. to
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waltz. establishing peace in the region turkey and iran can take steps together in many respects in many areas and we are deepening our consultation on these matters as positive results of this. of these meetings have been expanded train cluett russia federation russian federation and there are stand process it is necessary for us to increase our corporation to ensure that the good results we have are sustainable. and remain. active. you know that the. works and plan that we set forward will
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so international peace. we do not consider the united states moving away from the increase in once we believe that matters can be resolved it engagements and by. bilateral consultations not by imposition. otherwise. the region will face. dangers and turkey does not condone such actions. had to. be will continue to take as we are prepared to take any measure to prevent this taking place.
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neighbor relations require that we support each other at times. and at a time when. pressures are increasing on. brothers in iran which we find to be unfair we will continue to be with our brothers and support them. and we believe we are going to. carry this corporation. to the future i'd like to thank my dear brother. mr rouhani for his cooperation. and like to congratulate respect. and situations and delegation and all that. we have stated. that we are determined to continue to deepen
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our cooperation in these areas and like to ask my brother mr president rani to take the microphone. at the midst of all. mr or the gun. present. for follow to express regret is that your invitation. for your warm hospitality. and i'm. sure.
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don't want. to join. all right we appear to be having some technical difficulties. with our translator.


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